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Our flagship recruitment training product.

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The trainee world has changed

Over the last 5 years there has been a huge increase in demand from recruitment companies to "grow their own" trainees.

Conventional training has struggled to engage the behaviours and competencies of a new generation of trainees, whilst also empowering them to perform in a forever changing recruitment landscape.

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Our end-to-end Academy solution

The Academy is a fully supported end-to-end programme that starts with setting up the attraction campaign, pre-screening and interviewing, all the way through to the eleventh week of the new recruiters early career.

The training is focused on advanced recruitment, sales activities, database training and detailed market analysis - all in a structured package that is practical, stimulating and easy to implement. More importantly, the trainees start contributing to the sales pipeline in their 1st week.

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We are the new industry benchmark

Over the last 6 years we have worked with over 50 recruitment businesses from start ups to large multi-office operations across all sectors. Our clients currently retain 3 out 4 (75%) trainees after year 1.

Our clients have proved beyond any doubt that retention and high billing from trainees is achievable on a scale that has transformed their businesses and in turn their visions.

We have become the benchmark because our clients have bought our Academy to life in their own unique way.